The King and Queen

The king and queen, High street, Hamble, Hampshire, SO31 4HA
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Flags, Friends & Links
1. Buy our Flag – Fly our Flag!               

Email us a Photo of you flying the K&Q Flag            
Get a Jug of Dark & Stormy on your return!
Photos can be seen on our website or on our Facebook page “The King and Queen” with photos of King & Queen Flags flying all around the world

2. Watered & Supported by The King and Queen

This is for Boats & Crews who are friends of The King & Queen 
We follow your progress and offer links to your campaigns – and of course you are always welcomed back to celebrate victories or to drown your sorrows, to debrief or for post race team building.

3. Please browse our collection of Web Links. 

If you wish to have your website featured, please email
Local Charities – Hamble Inshore Lifeboat
Yacht Clubs   - The Royal Southern Yacht Club, The Royal Airforce Yacht Club, Hamble River Sailing Club
Bed & Breakfast   Farthings, Hamble Bed & Breakfast , Compass Point, The Old House
Local Businesses   Blue Bijou, The Salon, Sea Sky Art Gallery, Bonne Bouche
Photography / Art –    Tina Chisnell Photograph